Emergency Dispatch Africa (EDA) is a cloud-based Emergency Medical Service (EMS) system deployable in the most rugged of environments.
With the ability to adapt to the unique infrastructure challenges of Sub-Saharan Africa, our resilient system makes it possible to launch anything from a country-wide dispatching system to a simple ‘pop-up' EMS system for rural regions with limited resources.
How it works
How it works
Customized for your needs
Whether you’re a large metropolis or a small community, our team first customizes the system based on your needs.
Quick and easy setup
Next, our deployment team sets up your Emergency Call Center(s) with accounts for dispatchers, ambulances, and supervisors.
Personnel training
Finally, our EDA-certified trainers help train the personnel required to run the new EMS system.

EDA in Action

Watch how EDA helped launch Ethiopia’s first full-circle EMS system alongside the Nordic Medical Centre in Every Drop Matters, a short documentary that premiered at the Social Enterprise World Forum 2020. (SEWF 2020).

EDA is trusted by organizations worldwide
For the past 4 years, Emergency Dispatch Africa has been in operation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia through a partnership with the Nordic Medical Centre. Subscribers include Diplomatic missions and embassies, nonprofits, and businesses.
We empower communities to run their own emergency medical services by providing everything necessary for EMS capability:
The technology
The implementation
The initial training and monitoring
Save lives with Emergency Dispatch Africa
Save lives with
Emergency Dispatch Africa
Save lives with
Emergency Dispatch Africa
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